EOI – COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery, Storage and Logistics FAQs

For information regarding administration, funding, training or general information relating to the COVID-19 vaccine; please use the links below.

This page provides information regarding the delivery, storage and logistics relating to the COVID-19 vaccine such as:

  • What is the process for ordering and supplying vaccines?
  • How do I assess vaccine storage capacity?
  • What are the packaging dimensions?
  • How will the vaccine stocks be delivered?
  • How often/large will deliveries be?
  • Can you confirm there will be no gaps in vaccine delivery?

The Australian Government has entered into agreements with logistics and distribution providers who will be responsible for ensuring vaccines are distributed to vaccine providers.

Discussions on dose availability and distribution will take place as pharmacies are brought on board to participate in the rollout. This will ensure equity of access and spread and coverage across locations. The Commonwealth encourages pharmacies to apply and will continue to provide logistics information as it becomes available.

Delivery, Storage and Logistics FAQs

  1. Yes. Pharmacies should describe their proposed model of delivery within the EOI, which may include the vaccine clinic operating alongside the normal pharmacy operations or at alternate hours.

  2. Pharmacies should use existing fridge space or source their own vaccine fridges.

  3. Specific details in regards to the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine administration will be available upon registration by the TGA. Any special requirements will be included in the mandatory online COVID-19 training (more detail on the Training is provided in the Training FAQs section here).

  4. Pharmacies will be responsible for the appropriate storage and handling of the vaccines upon receipt of the vaccine from the Commonwealth’s contracted logistics providers.  If breakages or cold chain integrity issues occur the Pharmacy owner or other authorised contact will be required to report these incidences to the Vaccine Operations Centre (the VOC). The VOC will investigate the issue and advise the pharmacy of the way forward.

    More details on the process for reporting incidences and investigation process will be provided as part of future training modules.

  5. Only the ampoules can be disposed of in your RUM bin.  All other consumables must be disposed of in the correct manner (e.g. sharps disposal point).