EOI – COVID-19 Vaccine Funding Arrangements FAQs

This page provides information regarding the funding arrangements supporting the COVID-19 vaccination program.

For information regarding delivery, storage and logistics; administration, training or general information relating to the COVID-19 vaccine; please use the links below.

COVID-19 Vaccine Funding Arrangements FAQs

  1. To support this roll-out, the temporary CVIP Service is being introduced. The total amounts for each part of the service are available in the EOI document.

    There will be different fees for urban versus non-metropolitan areas. This architecture helps support free access to the vaccine without co-payments, as outlined in the Strategy. The table below provides a breakdown of the fees available.

    Payment metropolitan (MM 1) Amount
    Dose 1 $16.00
    Dose 2* $26.00
    Total remuneration $42.00


    Payment non-metropolitan (MM 2-7) Amount
    Dose 1 $19.00
    Dose 2* $29.00
    Total remuneration $48.00

    *The second vaccination payment will be higher than the first vaccination payment only where a patient receives both doses of the vaccine (within the TGA approved product information for dose frequency) at the same community pharmacy. Otherwise, payment for a single dose administered through a community pharmacy will be in accordance with the Dose 1 rate outlined above.

  2. Your pharmacy’s MMM category can be viewed on the Australian Government’s Health Workforce Locator website available here: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/health-workforce-locator/health-workforce-locator.

    Check the MMM 2019 tick box in the Classification Filter, type in your Pharmacy’s address and click Search Location. Your MMM category will be displayed underneath your address and also on the map.

  3. If the patient is eligible for both services and the vaccination is provided as a separate activity to other services, then yes. However, a vaccination cannot be administered during or otherwise as part of any medication management or medication adherence service.

  4. As the COVID -19 Vaccine requires two doses, given apart, the higher payment for the second dose is designed to encourage continuity of care and recall/follow-up by the same pharmacy for the completion of both doses. People will be able to choose whether to receive the second dose at the same or a different location (to ensure chances of completing a course are maximised), but booking both appointments at the same time, and returning to the same pharmacy will be encouraged, and incentivised through the higher payment.

  5. The Department and the PPA will continue to monitor usage of this program to ensure services are delivered appropriately. Compliance and monitoring may be undertaken regardless of whether or not high numbers of services are delivered, in line with the PPA’s Monitoring, Compliance and Audit Factsheet available here.

  6. Non-Medicare eligible patients should be referred to attend a State-based vaccine delivery site or a General Practitioner-led Respiratory Clinic (GP Respiratory Clinic).

  7. No, the vaccine will be free for all Australian citizens, permanent residents, and most visa holders. Patients who are not eligible for Medicare will be encouraged to attend a Commonwealth-funded GP Respiratory Clinic or state or territory vaccination clinic to receive their vaccine for free.

    Please note pharmacies will not receive funding for providing vaccinations to a non-Medicare eligible patient.