EOI – COVID-19 Vaccine – General FAQs

This page provides general information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

For information regarding delivery, storage and logistics, funding, administration or training; please use the links below.

COVID-19 Vaccine - General FAQs

  1. On 20 January 2021, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) published advice on Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccines. Advice includes:

    – Recommending that healthcare professionals do not routinely schedule and administer the influenza and COVID-19 vaccine on the same day.

    – The preferred minimum timeframe between these vaccines is 14 days

    For further information, please refer to this ATAGI advice: https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/01/atagi-advice-on-influenza-and-covid-19-vaccines.pdf.

  2. Community pharmacies participating will be required to provide the vaccine to any individuals eligible within the Phase 2a cohort. There is no requirement for patients to have had an existing service from the same pharmacy.

    Community pharmacies wishing to administer the vaccine only to their existing patient cohort should still submit an EOI making this preference clear. However, pharmacies able to cater to a larger patient group will likely be prioritised for early roll-out.

  3. No, vaccinations can only be administered on the premises subject to the Section 90 approval and site eligibility for community pharmacies.

  4. The COVID-19 vaccine will be provided in multi-dose vials. It will be important that pharmacies are able to provide a high enough throughput to minimise wastage. It is expected that all pharmacies will have the opportunity to participate in the rollout; however, pharmacies that can demonstrate an ability for higher throughput are likely to be on-boarded earlier in the rollout.

  5. Pharmacies must meet all existing standards for patient assessment, vaccine administration, and record keeping that are reasonable to ensure appropriate administration of the vaccine.  Additionally, patient vaccine administration data should be uploaded into the AIR as soon as possible, within 24 hours to ensure the information contained within the AIR is up to date.

    There will also be record keeping requirements for PPA claiming purposes. Further information on these requirements will be made available in future.

  6. There is no specific requirement that patients must be observed within the approved premises.  Clinical judgement should be used when determining what a safe observation space is.

  7. All individuals within priority populations will be vaccinated under Phase 2a. Pharmacies chosen to participate should provide access to all eligible individuals equally.

  8. There aren’t specific ‘end’ dates for any of the phases. Priority populations will continue to be able to access the vaccine through 2021.