EOI – Eligibility for application FAQs

This page includes further information regarding pharmacy eligibility for the COVID-19 EOI. 

Eligibility for application FAQs

  1. It is anticipated that all community pharmacies who meet the minimum requirements to be able to provide COVID-19 vaccine to their patients will be eligible to participate in the program.  However, a targeted approach is required to properly manage a limited supply of doses in the initial stages. As more doses become available, more community pharmacies will have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

  2. All community pharmacies that are approved under Section 90 of the National Health Act 1953 are eligible to submit a response to the EOI.

  3. No. Only approved section 90 community pharmacies are invited to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to participate in the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine.

  4. Yes. However, assessment of EOI responses are based on your capacity to deliver services at the time the response is submitted.

  5. It is expected most ACCHS will participate in the vaccine roll-out. This will be facilitated though a separate process in partnership with National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACHHO). 

  6. Yes. The plan is to bring pharmacies on line in tranches, commencing with those that are the most ready and able to deliver the vaccine, as the roll-out progresses, eventually all pharmacies willing and able to deliver the vaccine will be given the option to do so.

  7. If your pharmacy has a valid s90 number during this EOI opening period and you wish to participate in Phase 2a or future roll-outs, you must submit an EOI before the closing date of 19 February 2021. If you do not submit an EOI you may not be able to do so in future.

  8. At this stage only pharmacies that submit an EOI before the closing date of 19 February 2021 have the potential to participate in the vaccine roll-out.  Subject to vaccine supplies and the coverage of community pharmacies under Phase 2a, the Department may consider the possibility of allowing new pharmacies to submit an EOI in future however, this is not guaranteed and pharmacies should not assume this will occur.

  9. Yes, where there has been a full or partial change of ownership a declaration confirming that all the responses to the EOI questions are unchanged will be required when you notify PPA of the change.  This declaration is under development.

  10. The Expression of Interest submission process closed at midnight (AEDT) on 19 February 2021. No submissions can be edited after this deadline.

  11. Yes, please contact the PPA Support Centre at support@ppaonline.com.au to progress this.

  12. The Contact Person is the person who will be contacted regarding the outcome of your application. The contact person will be the key contact at your pharmacy for all logistical roll-out activities. The Main Authorised person (MAP) and Contact person can be the same person if you choose.

  13. Yes, the pharmacy should be able to provide all appropriately trained staff identified within 2.1 of the site requirements (Attachment A of the EOI Package), they do not need to be individual staff members.

  14. Your MAP or other nominated contact person will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the outcome of the EOI. This is likely to be in the form of an email.

  15. The Department is stringently managing available vaccine stocks to ensure equitable access to the vaccine across Australia. EOIs will be assessed and prioritised initially based on throughput and readiness, with additional consideration on broad geographical spread. There are no specific targets or limits to pharmacies participating in Phase 2a beyond the availability of stock and priority population access to vaccination sites.  As more stock becomes available, more delivery sites will be rolled out, and additional community pharmacies who meet the site requirements will have the opportunity to participate.

  16. The Phase 2a community pharmacies should accept bookings from any individual from a priority population. There is no specific catchment area or service area.

  17. No additional financial support is available to participate in this rollout, other than the vaccination service fees already listed in the EOI.