COVID-19 Vaccine National Rollout – EOI Assessment Update

The Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA) is currently facilitating a COVID-19 vaccine expression of interest process for community pharmacy on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health (Department).  The EOI process is intended to identify community pharmacies interested and suitable to participate from Phase 2A of the national COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. The Department of Health is thankful for the positive engagement and support from the community pharmacy profession and its representatives throughout this process.  

Pleasingly, this process has resulted in a large number of community pharmacies responding, which is a true reflection of the commitment and dedication of the community pharmacy sector.  All submissions have now been through a robust initial assessment process.

To complete the EOI assessment, the process has identified the need for further clarification of the responses provided by a significant number of pharmacies. Clarification information required from these pharmacies relate to the ATAGI Site Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Pharmacies.

Work will commence to contact the relevant community pharmacies to further clarify the information provided. This will enable the Department to have a clear view on the expected high level of participation of community pharmacies ahead of the vaccine roll-out under Phase 2A and beyond.

It is anticipated this further clarification process will be completed in April 2021.  Following the completion of the clarification process, final assessment activities will be undertaken from May 2021. Individual community pharmacies are expected to be notified of the outcome of their EOI well ahead of the commencement of Phase 2A, to assist with planning by both the Government and the community pharmacy profession.

Pharmacies assessed as suitable will commence participation in tranches, based on readiness, vaccine availability, ability to reach priority populations and geographic considerations. Some pharmacies will commence as part of Phase 2A, while other pharmacies may commence as part of later Phases of the vaccine roll-out.

The Department has several initiatives underway to support the effective roll-out of the vaccine from Phase 2A. These include conducting supply chain and distribution modelling, and establishing a claiming and payment system for community pharmacies similar to the existing approach for community pharmacy programs. Further initiatives will be progressively rolled out, including activities recently identified during the Phase 1a roll-out.

Further information about the EOI assessment process is available on our website. Should you have any queries in relation to this update please contact the PPA Support Centre on 1800 951 285 or