The Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer Program is aimed at increasing access to quality pharmacy services for rural healthcare Patients by supporting and strengthening the rural pharmacy workforce in regional and remote areas of Australia.

The Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer (RPLO) Program is designed to support Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students practising in rural and remote areas and to deliver local programs that support clinical placements and promote intra-professional collaboration and support. These local programs facilitate professional development and networking opportunities between Pharmacies, Pharmacy Departments, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students, and university Pharmacy Schools. Examples of Program activities include:

  • Promoting rural pharmacy as a career choice
  • Supporting and maintaining the rural pharmacy workforce
  • Building networks within rural pharmacy communities
  • Supporting local links between pharmacy and other health professionals
  • Providing local support structures for Pharmacy Students undertaking clinical placements.

Universities participating in the Program will enter into a contract for the delivery of local rural programs and services. Participating universities are required to report their progress on a six-monthly basis and must abide by the Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer Program Rules.

Payments will be made to participating universities based on the payment schedule outlined in their contract. Payments will be made on receipt of satisfactory reporting requirements and deliverables.

Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer Program FAQ

  1. No, only universities are engaged in the RPLO Program.  To find out if your university participates, please contact your Pharmacy School or University Department of Rural Health.

  2. The RPLO Program seeks to raise the profile of pharmacy within the University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) and Pharmacy Schools, and to enable rural Pharmacists and pharmacy graduates to acquire the necessary skills to practise effectively in rural areas.  Universities with UDRHs and Pharmacy Schools are eligible to participate in the RPLO Program.  Eligible universities must sign a subcontract with the Pharmacy Programs Administrator to deliver the Program.

  3. Yes, please contact the Pharmacy Programs Administrator for further details.

  4. Please refer to the User Guide.

  5. The Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer Program Rules provide additional program information.
    If you have further queries, you can contact us.