The Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) has confirmed the current transition period for Medication Management Review (MMR) Credentialed (previously known as accredited) Pharmacists will be further extended to 30 June 2025.

This extension provides MMR Credentialed Pharmacists with additional transition time to meet the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) standards via undertaking an APC accredited MMR recognition of prior learning process or training program.

This extension will also ensure MMR services can continue to be claimed, and recipients of medication reviews are not impacted.

Based on this, for Home Medicines Review (HMR) / Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) claiming purposes, the following Medication Review Numbers (MRNs) will remain valid until 30 June 2025, or until an updated MRN has been issued as a result of undertaking an APC accredited MMR recognition of prior learning process or training program, whichever occurs sooner:

·        Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) MRNs that were in effect as of 31 December 2022 (i.e. those pharmacists who had not let their AACP MRN accreditation lapse prior to 31 December);

·        Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) MRNs;

·        Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP) MRNs; and

·        Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) MRNs.


Please note, as per the current process in the PPA Portal, if a MMR Credentialed Pharmacist transfers to a new training provider and receives a new MRN through that training provider, they will need to use the new number provided when claiming HMR/RMMRs.

For further details on how this may affect a MMR Credentialed Pharmacists current accreditation or recent transfer, please visit the FAQ section of the HMR and RMMR program pages on PPA’s website.