RPTA Program registration and applications are now available in the PPA Portal.

To receive the RPTA, the Main Authorised Person (MAP) for the pharmacy must register for the RPTA Program via the PPA Portal.

After registering for the RPTA Program, an eligible community pharmacy must also submit a new application via the PPA Portal. Please note both the program registration and an application must be submitted in order to receive RPTA.

Eligible community pharmacies only need to submit an application for the RPTA once. Unlike the RPMA allowance, there is no annual renewal required for the RPTA Program.

The PPA Portal User Guide has been made available for eligible pharmacies and provides step-by-step instructions regarding RPTA Program registration and applications.

Pharmacies are also encouraged to carefully review the RPTA Program Rules and Program webpage, including the RPTA Payment Matrix and FAQs.