In response to the Interim Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Safety and Quality, a number of changes are being implemented in relation to the HMR and RMMR Programs.

These changes introduce up to two remunerated follow-up services within nine months of the initial patient interview.  This will enable Service Providers to follow up with both the patient and the referring Medical Practitioner based on the clinical status of the patient, the recommendations in the initial report and the implementation of a medication management plan.

The programs will also now be able to be referred by other medical practitioners, not just General Practitioners.  However, only GPs will be able to claim MBS Item 900/903.  Medical practitioners should follow the referral criteria in the MBS Items when considering whether or not a service may benefit the patient.  This change will allow for specialists in aged or chronic care to refer where a GP may not be available.

Facilities will also be able to enter into service agreements with multiple RMMR Service Providers, allowing for more access and patient choice when receiving medication review services.

These changes will be effective from 21 April 2020 and any initial service undertaken after 21 September 2019 may be eligible to receive a follow up service (noting the timing constraints in the relevant Program Rules and clinical indicators in the updated Standards and Guidelines).

Claiming for follow up services will be available by mid-May 2020. A notification will be sent to all Service Providers when claims can be lodged.