The THN Individual Supply Claim Form has been updated for all PPA Portal users, following user feedback.

The changes are to the ‘Reason for Refill’ field of the Individual Supply Claim Form (where patient consent to obtain and record this information has been provided).

The Individual Supply Claim Form now contains an additional option under ‘Reason for Refill’, labelled: My THN was given to someone else to keep.

Please select this option if the reason the individual has requested a refill is because they passed their previous supply of THN on to someone else to keep.

The remaining three options under ‘Reason for Refill’ have also been updated. They are now:

·       My THN was used on me

·       My THN was used on someone else

·       My THN is lost, damaged or expired


Should you have any queries about the updated Individual Supply Claim Form, you can contact the PPA Support Centre on 1800 951 285 or via