As part of the streamlined arrangements, Residential Care Incentive payments will cease on 1 February 2023. All remaining claims under these arrangements must be:

  • For services provided prior to 1 February 2023
  • Lodged with the PPA by 28 February 2023.

From 1 February 2023 the Incentive Payments will cease and transition into an increased Site Visit (flag fall) payment of $118.15 can be claimed by pharmacies who visit vulnerable patients and workers to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

To ensure any claiming errors can be corrected and payments made in a timely manner, we strongly encourage you to lodge your claims prior to 28 February 2023.

The Department of Health and Aged Care will only consider exceptional circumstances applications for these payments if they are lodged prior to 10/3/2023.

For more information about the Residential Care Incentive payments and to access the claim lodgment form, please visit the CVCP webpage.