Novavax: The first round of pharmacies that participated in the most recent EOI have now been approved to begin administering Novavax COVID-19 vaccines with initial stock deliveries beginning from 25 February 2022 onwards. If your pharmacy is currently approved to administer mRNA vaccinations and has not yet completed a Novavax EOI and would like to participate, please contact the support centre at
Moderna 6-11 Years: Participating pharmacies have been approved to begin administering Moderna as a primary course of COVID-19 vaccination in children aged 6 to 11 years from 24 February 2022. Additional information has now been provided and can be found in the Paediatric Vaccine Administration section of this page.

On this page pharmacists can find information relating to the CVCP Program, that will assist in both initial registration and continued participation in the Program.

This section provides an overview of recent correspondence from the PPA regarding the CVCP Program.

May 2022

13 May 2022 – Updated Resources for Pharmacies | mRNA Shelf Life Extension | Decreasing the Minimum Orderable Quantity of Thawed Pfizer 12+ | Vaccine Administration Errors

16 May 2022 – Call Campaign – Vaccine Clinic Finder Connect | Recording of Webinar for Pharmacies | Clinical and Administrative Reminders

April 2022

4 April 2022 – Easy Vaccine Access Call-back Service | Transition of Commonwealth Booking Platform and Clinician Vaccine Integrated Platform

11 April 2022 – ATAGI Update about Booster doses in adolescents aged 12-15 years | Changes to VOC Operating Hours and delivery schedules during Easter and ANZAC Day public holidays | If intending to suspend or withdraw participation | Easy Vaccine Access Update

14 April 2022 – ATAGI Updates – several | Children 5-11yo now eligible for second dose | Opportunistic vaccination | If intending to suspend or withdraw participation | VOC Operating Hours during Easter and ANZAC Day

21 April 2022 – Novavax Update | Stock Management and Fridge Capacity | Co-administration of COVID-19 and Influenza vaccines | VOC Changes to Operating Hours

29 April 2022 – ATAGI Update | Winter Dose for In-Reach Services | Winter Preparedness Webinar for Pharmacists | Novavax Expiry Date Changes (reminder)

March 2022 

3 March 2022 – ATAGI Update on Booster Doses | Vaccine Deliveries in Flood Affected Areas | Mixed Schedules | VCF Update on Moderna services| Reporting Moderna 6-11 in AIR | PPE Distribution Update | Important information for pharmacies

10 March 2022 – Delivery Acceptance and Stock Management Reporting | Cold Chain Packaging Collection | VCF Connect | No Deliveries – Public Holiday 14 March 2022 | VOC Opening Hours

22 March 2022- Children second dose vaccinations | ATAGI Clinical Guidance on VAEs | Vaccine Expiry Dates | VOC Operating Hours

25 March 2022- ATAGI advice on Winter Dose | ATAGI Booster Advice | Co-administration of COVID and Flu vaccines | In-Reach Services by Pharmacies| VCF Update

31 March 2022- Wastage Reporting Update | CVAS Enhancements for Additional Orders

February 2022 

3 February 2022 – TGA and ATAGI Updates | Vaccine Updates | Novavax Roll-out Update| Communications | Decommission of CBP and CVIP | Vaccine Clinic Finder Connect Update

11 February 2022 – ATAGI Update | TGA Update | Booster Doses| COVID-19 Digital Certificate | Decommission of CBP and CVIP Update | Vaccine Clinic Finder (VCF) | Nuvaxovid (Novavax Update) | Reminders

17 February 2022- TGA Provisionally Approves Moderna for ages 6 years and older | Compliance Update – Pfizer Paediatric Vaccines

18 February 2022- COVID-19 Vaccine Administrative System (CVAS) | National Coronavirus Helpline Update | Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) Update | Vaccine Clinic Finder (VCF) Connect | Reminders

23 February 2022- Moderna 6-11yo Update | Important steps for Moderna 6-11yo | Vaccine Clinic Finder Update

January 2022

7 January 2022- Important Notice Pfizer |5-11 rollout | top up Pfizer 12+ doses | Appointments | mRNA Use-by Dates | Patient enquires not directed to VOC

12 January 2022 – Packaging and Use By Dates – Defrost Use By Dates – Vaccine training

19 January 2022 – Booster Update – Moderna Allocation Increase

December 2021

3 December 2021 – Additional Dose available in Portal

10 December 2021 – ATAGI Advice about Pfizer 5-11 years vaccine (orange top) | Placing Orders

13 December 2021 – Moderna Booster – Intervals for Boosters – VCF Update

18 December 2021 – ATAGI Booster Update | Excess Doses | VOC Holiday Hours, Orders & Delivery | VCF Update

23 December 2021 – Booster Dose Fee Increase | PPE Available to Pharmacies

24 December 2021 – Important Updates from ATAGI and National Covid Taskforce

November 2021

1 November 2021 – VCF Pharmacies with no Booking Links Survey

5 November 2021 – Pfizer, Incentive Payments, Fees and VCF updates

8 November 2021 – Reminder to check patient eligibility prior to each vaccination

16 November 2021 – Checking Vaccine Expiry Immediately Prior to Administration

22 November 2021 – VCF Pfizer bookings and booking provider changes

24 November 2021 – Managing multiple COVID-19 Vaccines

October 2021

25 October 2021 – Resources available to help pharmacies engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

August 2021

20 August 2021 – Compliance and Monitoring

The CVCP Program is a temporary program, which aims to support and protect members of our community from novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by providing a fee for service payable to Australian pharmacies for administering the COVID 19 vaccine.

Eligible patients will be able to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations from pharmacies selected for participation in the program.

Children Vaccine Administration Checklist 

A Children Vaccine Administration Checklist has been developed to help avoid vaccine administration errors in children. Service Providers may view a copy of the checklist here.

Pfizer 5-11 years Vaccination

Participating pharmacies were approved to begin administering Pfizer 5-11 years COVID-19 vaccines (orange top) from 10 January 2022. The vaccine schedule for children is 2 doses, given 8 weeks apart. This interval can be shortened in special circumstances to a minimum of 3 weeks. Further information regarding TGA Approval for the vaccine can be found here.

Pharmacies are reminded that:

  • Pfizer 5-11 years doses (orange top) are a specific paediatric formulation and contain a lower dose of vaccine than the adult formulation
  • The vaccine can be stored for a maximum of 10 weeks between 2°C to 8°C.

Moderna 6 to 11 years Vaccination

ATAGI has released a statement and has recommended that Moderna COVID-19 vaccine can be used as a primary course of COVID-19 vaccination in children aged 6 to 11 years old. 

From 24 February 2022, participating pharmacies can administer Moderna vaccine to 6 to 11 years old.


  • The same vaccine formulation is used as for Moderna 12 years and older
  • The Moderna 6‑11 years dose is half the dose used for the primary course for people 12 years and older
  • The Moderna 6‑11 years dose is the same as the booster dose (50μg per dose; 0.25mL) for adults.


  • At this stage, ATAGI does not recommend the use of mixed primary schedules in this age group
  • As outlined in the CVCP Program Rules, you must ensure that your jurisdictional regulations have been updated to allow Community Pharmacy to administer COVID-19 vaccines to this cohort
  • Pharmacies are able to register paediatric dose of a COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6 to 11 years in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) as per usual practice. Please remember to check the AIR prior to administering any COVID-19 vaccines
  • Booster doses are not yet recommended for this cohort (those under the age of 18 years), as severe COVID-19 is uncommon in this age group and the primary course of COVID-19 vaccines generate a strong immune response, so the benefit from additional doses of vaccine is likely to be small.

Patient Consent

The Service Provider must obtain appropriate written or verbal consent from the Patient’s parent or guardian prior to providing the Service. For further information regarding valid consent, including how to obtain consent in special populations, refer to the section ‘Preparing for vaccination: Valid consent’ in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Consent forms for the Pfizer 5-11 vaccines are available on the Department of Health’s website.

Claiming and Payments

Service Providers must submit their paediatric vaccine administration claims online via the PPA Portal. Claims are to be submitted in the same format as existing adult vaccination services and will be paid at the current dose administration rate; outlined in the Registration, Claiming and Payments section on this page.

New eligible Section 90 pharmacies must submit an Online Form expressing their interest in administering mRNA and AstraZeneca vaccines. An Online Form may be requested by contacting the PPA Support Centre at: Pharmacy details will then be forwarded to the Taskforce for approval. Once approved by the Taskforce, the PPA will provide the pharmacy with additional onboarding information. 

Pharmacy Eligibility

To be eligible to become an Approved Service Provider under this temporary program, a Pharmacy must:

  • Be approved to dispense pharmaceutical benefits as part of the PBS defined in Section 90 of the National Health Act 1953 (Cwlth) (Section 90 Pharmacy)
  • Have received notification from the Australian Government Department of Health (or delegate) of their selection to participate in the national vaccine program
  • Be located in a State or Territory where appropriate legislation has been enacted to allow vaccinations to be administered in pharmacies
  • Agree to deliver CVCP Services in accordance with the General Terms and the CVCP Program Rules, including those related to Patient eligibility
  • Agree to meet the CVAS Vaccination Site Readiness Checklist and Declarations
  • Provide CVCP Services in accordance with the PSA Standards and Guidelines, ATAGI Guidelines and relevant state or territory legislation
  • Agree to appear in the Vaccine Clinic Finder
  • Have registered with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and undertake to report all CVCP Services within the set timeframe (within 24 hours)
  • Maintain a secure facility for the appropriate storage, including cold storage, of vaccines, in accordance with the approved product information
  • Undertake to obtain appropriate patient consent for the provision of a CVCP service prior to providing the service. A consent form is available online on the Department of Health’s website
  • Ensure that services delivered under the CVCP Program are carried out by an Appropriately Qualified Person. Where the service is delivered in a Community Pharmacy premises, the area must meet the ATAGI site requirements for COVID-19 vaccination in community pharmacies. Where the service is delivered off-site, the pharmacy must ensure that both the Taskforce requirement for conducting off-site COVID-19 vaccinations and any jurisdictional requirements are met
  • Agree to ensure that any person involved in providing CVCP Services through this Program abides by the current hygiene and isolation protocols relevant to the containment and management of COVID‑19 within the community as issued by each State and Territory
  • Ensure the Approved Pharmacist or Appropriately Qualified Person conducting the services under the Program is not responsible for dispensing or undertaking other professional duties at the time of consultation
  • Register via the PPA Portal and continue to meet the above Eligibility Criteria while participating in the Program.

An Approved Service Provider must notify the PPA immediately when it becomes aware of any circumstance, event or fact that may affect the Service Provider’s eligibility to participate in the Program.

As each site is approved by the Taskforce, the PPA will send pharmacies an onboarding email which contain the following onboarding packs, as well as their site specific CVCP Program Approval Code required to register for the CVCP Program on the PPA Portal. Pharmacies should not register for the CVCP Program in the PPA Portal until they have been sent their onboarding email from the PPA.  Additional information on how to register in the PPA Portal can be found in the CVCP user guide located in the Program Rules and other Downloads section of this page.

Onboarding Packs

The onboarding packs are separated into three specific sections, with an additional vaccine summary poster provided by the Taskforce for quick reference.

Part One of the onboarding packs contains information and advice specific to the administration of the AstraZeneca and mRNA vaccines in a community pharmacy. This section includes details on registering and ordering through the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration System (CVAS), training requirements and program key contacts.

Pharmacy onboarding pack part 1


Part Two of the onboarding packs contains several checklists provided by the Taskforce to help pharmacies with the day-to-day operation of the vaccination service in accordance with ATAGI best practice guidelines and Commonwealth Department of Health reporting requirements.

Pharmacy onboarding pack part 2


Part Three of the onboarding packs has been developed by the Taskforce as a Pharmacist Immunisers Communication Kit featuring resources such as:

  • posters
  • information sheets on the vaccines, and what to do before and after vaccination
  • social media posts and tiles
  • content for Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs) and
  • newsletters
  • standard text for use in SMS and email reminders

Pharmacy onboarding pack part 3


As mentioned above, the Information Summary Poster provides key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Australia in an easily accessible format.

Pharmacy onboarding pack – information summary poster

The ATAGI Recommended Doses and Vaccines Poster provides information to pharmacists regarding recommended doses and vaccine types for Australian patients.

Approval Process

Pharmacies must notify the PPA of their intention to deliver vaccinations off-site from the pharmacy premises. This will enable the pharmacy to administer vaccines to any eligible patient cohort in any eligible location (refer to requirements below) and notification must only be made once.

In order to do so, pharmacies must initially email the PPA at and include:

  • The pharmacy name, address and Section 90 number; and
  • A written declaration indicating that the pharmacy will meet the Requirements for Off-Site Vaccinations set out in the CVCP Program Rules (outlined below).

Requirements for Off-Site Vaccinations

Pharmacies may conduct off-site vaccinations if they meet the eligibility requirements defined in the CVCP Program Rules and both the pharmacy and the off-site vaccination location are in State/s and/or Territory/s which have appropriate regulatory arrangements that allow pharmacists to vaccinate off-site. Pharmacies must ensure they are aware of and adhere to the relevant requirements of the relevant State /Territory.  It is the pharmacy’s responsibility to check these requirements are met before requesting approval from the PPA.

CVCP Program Registration

To register as a CVCP Service Provider, a Community Pharmacy must register for the CVCP Program via the PPA Portal. If a Community Pharmacy has not been notified by the PPA of their suitability and subsequent selection for the Program, the application to register for the CVCP Program will not be approved.

A user guide to assist you to register is located in the Program Rules and other Downloads section of this page.


Change of Circumstances

It is the responsibility of the Main Authorised Person of the Approved Service Provider to ensure that the Pharmacy’s registration is up to date at all times. Approved Service Providers must notify the Pharmacy Programs Administrator within 14 days of the following changes:

  1. Change of ownership
  2. Change of Section 90 approval number.

If either of these have occurred since the EOI was submitted, a further declaration will be required to confirm the new Section 90 pharmacy approval details meet, at a minimum, the same EOI requirements that were confirmed to be met, as per the original EOI submission.


Vaccine Administration Claims

Service Providers must submit vaccine administration claims online via the PPA Portal.

CVCP Services delivered under the Program must be claimed by the end of the following calendar month following provision of the Service (e.g. services provided in May should be claimed by 30 June).  Claims that are outside this timeframe, that are incomplete, or that do not meet Program Rules cannot be submitted and will not be paid.

All information entered in the Claim must be correct as any inconsistencies may prevent claim submission.


Vaccine Administration Claim Lodgement

The following information must be provided to the PPA in order to lodge a claim for a vaccine service:

  • Section 90 number
  • Confirmation of patient consent
  • Name and AHPRA number of person administering vaccination
  • Patient’s Medicare/DVA Card number (or special Medicare number (25437529911) if the patient does not hold a Medicare/DVA card or is not eligible to hold a Medicare/DVA card)
  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Whether the vaccination is the first or second in a course of an eligible vaccine
  • Date of vaccination/administration
  • A declaration that the vaccination has been recorded in the AIR.

If the Patient is presenting for the second vaccination and has received the first vaccination elsewhere, this must also be noted by selecting the claim type 2nd Dose (where the first administration was undertaken by a different Service Provider).

3rd Dose vaccinations and Booster doses can be claimed by selecting the claim type Additional Dose.


Vaccine Administration Supporting Documentation

The following information must be retained by the Service Provider for seven years to support any claim for payment made under these Program Rules:

  • Section 90 number at the time of the provision of the CVCP Service
  • Details of the Appropriately Qualified Person administering the vaccination including their AHPRA registration number
  • Patient’s name and address
  • Patient’s Medicare/DVA Card number (if applicable)
  • How the Patient has satisfied all Eligibility Criteria
  • Dose and brand of vaccine administered (i.e was it a Pfizer Booster dose or an AstraZeneca first dose)
  • Whether the vaccination was administered off-site and if so, the location of the vaccination.


Vaccine Administration Payments

Approved Service Providers can claim the following payments under the Program for vaccines administered from 23 December 2021. These fees are GST Exempt.

The payments listed below are applicable for Pfizer 5-11 vaccinations and all vaccinations currently approved under the Program for patients 12+ years of age.

Description MM*1 Fee MM2-7 Fee
First administration $16 $19
Second administration (where the first administration was undertaken by the same Service Provider) $26 $29
Second administration (where the first administration was undertaken by a different Service Provider) $16 $19
Additional Dose (includes third doses for severely immunocompromised patients and booster doses) $26 $29

*Modified Monash (MM)

Approved Service Providers can claim the following payments under the Program for vaccines administered before 23 December 2021. These fees are GST Exempt.

Description MM*1 Fee MM2-7 Fee
First administration $16 $19
Second administration (where the first administration was undertaken by the same Service Provider) $26 $29
Second administration (where the first administration was undertaken by a different Service Provider) $16 $19
Additional Dose (includes third doses for severely immunocompromised patients and booster doses) $16 $19

*Modified Monash (MM)

Service Providers cannot apply any additional Patient charge for a service. This includes Patients who do not hold or are ineligible to hold a Medicare card.

Fees cannot be charged for residents, workers or facilities for providing off-site vaccinations.

Vaccination Incentive Claiming and Payments

From 8 November 2021, approved Service Providers can claim two types of vaccination incentive payments under the Program. Pharmacies can lodge claims for incentive payments by navigating to the CVCP Program page in the PPA Portal and following the instructions at the top of the View Claims tab. A User Guide which includes details on what information is required to lodge off-site claims is available on this page.

Vaccination incentive payments will be made monthly in arrears and are GST Exempt.

Pharmacies claiming vaccination incentive payments still need to ensure they are separately claiming their vaccine administration fees as per the process above.

Site Visit payments of:

  • $57.25 per site visit, regardless of how many vaccinations are completed at the site. This is in addition to any other fees payable (e.g. CVCP vaccine administration fee or Residential Care Incentive payment.

Site visit payments must be claimed by the end of the following calendar month following the site visit. Claims that are outside this timeframe, that are incomplete, or that do not meet Program Rules may not be paid.

Residential Care Incentive payments of:

  • A $1,000 initial payment upon vaccinating 50 eligible workers at residential aged care and residential disability care facilities (across any number of facilities)
  • Subsequent payments of $20 for each additional worker or resident vaccinated at residential aged care and residential disability care facilities.

Please note: vaccinations provided to residents of residential aged care and disability care facilities are not eligible to be counted toward the 50 vaccines required for the initial $1000 payment.

Residential care incentive payments for the initial $1000 payment should be claimed by the end of the calendar month following provision of the 50th eligible vaccination.

Subsequent claims for additional workers and residents may be submitted individually or compiled in one claim form and submitted as a bulk claim however these should be submitted by the end of the next calendar month following each service listed in the claim form.


Record Keeping and Auditing

Approved Service Providers must retain all records for seven years to demonstrate that they have complied with the General Terms and these Program Rules when providing and claiming for a CVCP Service.

Approved Service Providers may be subject to audits by the Australian Government and the PPA to ensure Services are provided in accordance with the General Terms and these Program Rules.

Approved Service Providers that do not provide Services in accordance with the General Terms and these Program Rules may no longer be able to participate in the Program or be eligible to receive Program payments and repayment may be required. Under section 137.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995, giving false and misleading information is a serious offence.

If an audit is to be conducted, Service Providers will be required to produce documentation within a specified timeframe.

The Pharmacy Programs Administrator is responsible for monitoring and compliance related activities including tip-offs for the COVID -19 Vaccination in Community Pharmacy Program. These activities relate to Program claims which are inaccurate, inappropriate or are not in accordance with the relevant Program Rules (i.e., are ineligible).

Service Providers and consumers should contact Services Australia on 13 15 24 if you suspect or know of a member of the public (not a health provider) who has a false COVID-19 vaccination certificate or is creating false COVID-19 vaccination certificates for themselves or others. Any tip-offs regarding identify fraud must be sent to the relevant state police and not reported to the PPA. A detailed breakdown of potential reporting situations can be found at

Further details on PPA Compliance activities can be found at

Please note: The Children Vaccine Administration Checklist has been developed to help avoid vaccine administration errors in children. Service Providers may view a copy of the checklist here.

Please see the link to the Frequent Asked Questions regarding the CVCP Program.

As new information becomes available these FAQs may be updated, please regularly review this document if you have any questions.

This section includes additional resources provided by the Taskforce to support community pharmacies in their critical role as vaccine providers in the community and encourage all vaccine providers to familiarise themselves with the range of material available to inform their awareness around safety information.

If there is a particular resource, poster, or guideline that you would like to see made available please provide your feedback to


Information for pharmacists around vaccines and safety

Safety Information

Booster Information

Other General Information

Promotional and Educational Resources

Additional promotional material can be found in Onboarding Pack – Part 3.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources

Resources for the Pfizer 5 – 11 Vaccine


Contact the Vaccine Operations Centre between 7am to 10pm (AEST) at  or on 1800 318 208


Clinical issues

Contact the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline on or 1800 020 080.


Registering and claiming via the PPA Portal

Contact the PPA Support Centre, between 9am to 8pm (AEST), Monday to Friday on or 1800 951 285.


Vaccine Clinic Finder updates

VCF Connect has been designed to enable you to self-manage the information published about your services in the Vaccine Clinic Finder.

You can ask any questions about the VCF Connect by contacting: or 1800 316 375 


Withdrawing from Program

If you wish to withdraw from the COVID-19 Vaccination in Community Pharmacy (CVCP) Program please contact the PPA Support Centre between 9am to 8pm (AEST), Monday to Friday on or 1800 951 285.