Request for Quotation for services related to the operation of the Emergency Locum Service

This Request for Quotation (RFQ) is for services related to the operation of the Emergency Locum Service – a 7th Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) program. The 7CPA is a five year agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. The 7CPA includes funding of $1.2 billion dollars for Community Pharmacy Programs.

AHA is contracted by the Department of Health to administer the 19 Community Pharmacy Programs.  For the purposes of this work, AHA uses the trading name / branding Pharmacy Programs Administrator.  The PPA is a division of Australian Healthcare Associates (AHA).

In its role as the administrator of the 19 Community Pharmacy Programs, AHA is seeking to engage a supplier to provide services in relation to the Emergency Locum Service (ELS). 

The ELS Program assists rural and remote Community Pharmacies by funding up to $2,500 (GST exclusive) to contribute towards the travel costs between the locum’s home and the Community Pharmacy location. The ELS Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency locum placements are for a minimum of one day and a maximum of 7 consecutive days.

AHA is seeking a supplier to:

  • Accept and review ELS applications, and if eligible, source a suitable locum pharmacist, in return for a placement fee paid by the PPA
  • Arrange travel for that locum from their current location to the community pharmacy, including provision of return travel arrangements, and request reimbursement for these fees by the PPA.

Key Dates for this RFQ include:

9 March 2021 – RFQ documentation released
24 March 2021 – Opportunity for questions closes
31 March 2021 – Submissions close at 5pm AEDT/AEST.
Questions and submissions may be directed to 

Comprehensive service specifications are available in the attached documentation below.